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The matrices of the chakras.


An example of creating an individual harmonizer.

Пример разработки матричного индивидуального гармонизатора по дате рождения
An example of creating an individual harmonizer.


Возможности программы Хакеры Матрицы


КОДУВАННЯ ДОЛІ Базовая матрица


Hologram of the Matrix.

Голограмма матрицы


Dr Vergun

Dr Vergun is a full professor in Informational Medicine from the International Academy of Information, Communication, Control in Engineering, Nature, Society (ICCIA), Russia. He is also
-    a Graduate from the Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine (Ukraine)
-    a qualified hypno-therapeutist from the International Association of Traditional Medicine (UNESCO)
Dr Vergun has worked in Europe as a curator to a network of private clinics.
From 1993 to 2001 year has worked with Russian State, Duma (Russia’s lower parliament house), as a consultant. Concurrently, he runs a busy practice in All-Russian Scientific-and-Research Center of Traditional and Folk Medicine "ENIEM" in Moscow.
In 2002 Dr. Vergun was awarded an Order of Tsiolkovski’s Star by the International Academy of Information, Communication, Control in Engineering, Nature, Society (ICCIA), Russia. He was also honored by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Moscow) with a degree of doctor of medical sciences and as an Academic, for scientific findings that has great meaning for the present and future of mankind. 
In 1993, Dr Vergun founded the Scientific Group “Ocean-TV”, which consisted of leading Russian physicists and mathematicians. They created a unique system of exercises called “Golden Ten Exercises” which aims to solve a person’s health problems and increasing their consciousness. In 1995, Dr Vergun created a harmonizing psychotropic device that can be used in a wide spectrum of applications.
He is a trainer and speaker in teaching seminars on the “Golden Ten Exercises” system in Russia and various countries, participant of many scientific conferences and TV programs; sharing his and the “Ocean-TV” group findings with a wide audience of people.
Dr Vergun is an author of two books: “The fundamental laws of existence and survival of a Human Being” (Moscow, 2000) and “The bread in a palm of coming back to life” (Saint-Petersburg, 2003) and many scientific articles on subjects of traditional and alternative medicine, object and process quality determination, global safety, and water.
Dr Vergun is a healer who has created his own healing methodology and products based on deep knowledge of acupuncture, massaging, bioenergetics and alternative healing practices.
In addition to his specialty in traditional and alternative medicine, Dr Vergun also works in the area of paranormal science. By virtue of his paranormal abilities, he is able to receive correct information about his surroundings and notice inaccuracy in formulas and postulates that mathematicians and physicists of his scientific group work on. This has enabled him to lead research groups to the discovery, understanding and embracing of true integrated physics, mathematics and subtle aspects of reality. The “Ocean-TV” group has created unique devices that are made in a form of cards: for personal use, for home and office, mobile phone, water, car, professional size. These cards contain the entire spectrum of energies represented by each one of the 200 crystal formation known to science. When you hold one of card, you have in your hand the energetic equivalent of a Life Source Generator. In a room, they resolve the discordant energies created by square corners and faulty proportions, and fill the entire space with Golden Mean vibrations, solve problem of EMR, return water to its pristine state, help cells of human body regain natural vibrations and thus solve its health problems.
Dr. Vergun regularly holds workshops in Russia and Ukraine. He is also invited to bring his knowledge to other countries: July-August 2005 in Sedona, USA (by invitation of Drunvalo Melchisedek); February 2009 Stuttgart, Germany; May 2009 London, England, etc.

Bread in the Palm of Your Hand

What follows is adapted from a book titled The Fundamental Laws of Human Existence and Survival by Dr. Victor Vergun, a Russian medical doctor and expert in information processing technologies. Dr. Victor VergunDr. Vergun is the leader of Ocean-TV, a group of Russian physicists and mathematicians who are studying the mechanisms of behavior and consciousness: the Laws of Life. Dr. Vergun also developed the water card, which the Spirit of Ma'at is currently testing and which, according to tests reported from Russia, "returns water to its pristine state" in just a few hours. See The Watercard: From Russia with Love in the December 2002 Spirit of Ma'at.


Harmony BioResonator Cards


Gold BioGenesis Cards

Russian Psychotronic
Gold BioGenesis Cards

These are brand new, a higher level technology than the Harmony cards. Gold on one side and silver on the other, they are 8 times more powerful than the Harmony BioResonator cards of similar size.


Uses for the Cards

I just thought you would be inte rested in what we discovered today. We placed a cup of regular tap water on an Intrinsic Data Field Anal zer and it registered as very toxic. After that, we placed the same toxic water for 2 minutes on the BioResonator card. Then we laced the "treated" water back on the Intrin sic Data Field Analyzer, and after just 2 inutes on the BioResonator card, it regi stered as not only pur
e and clean,
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